Tucker Carlson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

15. mars. 2021
9 736 516 Ganger

Tucker Carlson is admired by white nationalists, elected officials, and maybe some of your relatives or coworkers. Given that he has the ear of so many Americans, John Oliver explains where Tucker came from, what his rhetorical tactics are, and what he represents.
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  • And I'm here wondering if there can be any reason for the 37k users who downvoted this, other than "It makes me look bad and it makes me feel as if I'm guilty and ignorant".

    alienlabsalienlabs6 minutter siden
  • Dare Tucker Carlson to fight a female member of the US military... let's see how well he does against the "feminine military".

    Becca MakinBecca Makin23 minutter siden
  • Lol wow looks like a swarm of over 30,000 racists have descended on this video. Can't imagine how they live with themselves.

    HitodamaKyrieHitodamaKyrie36 minutter siden
  • Nobody cares. Let us all burn.

    Chip RobinsonChip Robinson44 minutter siden
  • Madam Oliver, we your loyal fans salute you. Your predictable contrived verbal gymnastics are not boring or irrelevant at all. But in fact are highly entertaining and persuasive. Madam, “Jizzed Mayonnaise”, will be, forever yours. 🖖

    S G NS G NTime siden
  • Is it Mikayel Hakobyan or Mikayel I Bin Hackin?

    S G NS G N2 timer siden
  • This foreigner calls Tucker self important, that's a laugh, why do Americans tolerate Oliver insulting their intelligence when he's a politically correct tw*t who attacks real Americans, are dems unable to find people to talk rubbish like this so they have to import them?

    wotdoesthisbuttondowotdoesthisbuttondo2 timer siden
    • No , he's calling him a Klansman in a suit and a white supremacist - not "self important " . Also Oliver is an American citizen

      JonStewart SuperfanJonStewart Superfan16 minutter siden
  • Makes a compelling argument. Something about TC never sat right with me.

    chrisdaco22chrisdaco223 timer siden
  • Carlson knows how to prey on the fears of White America. Fan those flames asshole.

    David conwayDavid conway3 timer siden
  • What a creative individual John Oliver is. I wonder if she was looking in a mirror one-day trying to work out how she could describe her own repulsive anaemic complexion. And maybe it just popped into the great old grandmother’s head - Jizzed Mayonnaise. What a brilliant comic Genius.

    S G NS G N3 timer siden
  • This video achieves nothing. Just a bunch of ad hominem attacks. John and Tucker are identical... just on the opposite side of the mirror.

    deoeersdeoeers3 timer siden
    • It achieves plenty - that's why it has 10 million views and it's not "attacks" - John's using the guy's own words against him and showing Carlson is a Klansman in a suit and the two could not possibly be more different

      JonStewart SuperfanJonStewart Superfan13 minutter siden
  • Last week distorted tonight with the odious obnoxious and offensive Oliver. 🤢🤮

    S G NS G N3 timer siden
    • @Mikayel Hakobyan Is it Mikayel Hakobyan or Mikayel I bin hackin.

      S G NS G N2 timer siden
    • @Mikayel Hakobyan Yeah. And I bet she was playfully and innocently carrying a knife.

      S G NS G N2 timer siden
    • damn you really got him

      Mikayel HakobyanMikayel Hakobyan3 timer siden
  • John Oliver, wake up and get a life! You are not any better with your obnoxious opinions on your show...and are precisley that of what you claim Tucker to be...

    Jf HowardJf Howard3 timer siden
    • I like how instead of denying the undenyable you guys just attack Oliver personally . It's a very obvious tell that you can't actually make any sort of argument in defense of Fox

      JonStewart SuperfanJonStewart Superfan6 minutter siden
  • Its so sad John Oliver joined the woke American politics and Hollywood. I used to like him but now he is pathetic, liar and zero intelligence. I feel bad for his fans!

    Motoloki TournasMotoloki Tournas4 timer siden
    • I like how instead of denying the undenyable you guys just attack Oliver personally . It's a very obvious tell that you can't actually make any sort of argument in defense of Carlson

      JonStewart SuperfanJonStewart Superfan6 minutter siden
  • Tucker Carlson is like the Rowan Dean or Andrew Bolt of America. Good Ol Uncle Rupert has a type. Or is it Lachlan? I can't remember all of the Murdoch's assets outside of Australia

    The Suplex RangerThe Suplex Ranger4 timer siden
  • So Tuck’s dad married to get ahead and Tuck followed in his footsteps... It sincerely bums me out that this douche is from La Jolla.

    J DJ D5 timer siden
  • You need to revisit this again John just after this week think you have a new worst laugh nominee

    Joab JohnstoneJoab Johnstone5 timer siden
  • This show has stooped so low to just shitting on other shitty news reporters

    Zach MuellerZach Mueller5 timer siden
  • I don't get the point of this clip. Tuckers viewers aren't going to watch this. If they do, they're not going to be converted. John is just preaching to a crowd of people who already dislike Tucker and know he's a racist ****. Any publicity is good publicity. So he's probably done more harm than good here. Can we return to normal content where John actually exposes shit that we should be shocked about?

    lilflyboy262lilflyboy2626 timer siden
  • Tuckers luck was a spinoff from Grange hill on bbc. Now that they've found tuckers yearbook, he may need some luck to get out of this.

    Nathan JedrejNathan Jedrej6 timer siden
  • Takes one to know one.

    Peter AdamsPeter Adams7 timer siden
  • If you start out a conversation with" I am color blind" , you might be racist.

    Kurt TuchschererKurt Tuchscherer7 timer siden
  • Oliver is definitely not funny without the laugh track....

    Blane SaucierBlane Saucier8 timer siden
    • He corny but it’s quirky, kinda adds to his personality

      JJJJ7 timer siden
  • If somebody murdered Tucker Carlson and I was on the jury, no prosecutor in the universe could get a conviction.

    Harry PotheadHarry Pothead8 timer siden
  • this show is so bad

    notice me senpainotice me senpai8 timer siden
  • Strange to see the beginning of the brows which developed a life of their own.

    Wendy sinclairWendy sinclair9 timer siden
  • Tucker has the highest ratings in the country .

    Jimmy MagsJimmy Mags9 timer siden
    • that explains a lot.

      David conwayDavid conway3 timer siden
    • So

      JJJJ7 timer siden
  • Tucker always looks like he has subbed goggle eyes

    FLDFLD9 timer siden
  • Ah yes.... He'll defo make it to president. ffs

    AMBA Tarboosh RecordsAMBA Tarboosh Records9 timer siden
  • God John Oliver you are such a pathetic sellout. The great irony of you making all the points why Carlson is a sellout; while missing the fact that they basically all apply to you. I thoroughly enjoy. Go back to the new middle east. "Sneering condescension" Hahahahahahaahahhahahaahagahagagagaagaggagadjdddgdhsgagahag

    Robert TillerRobert Tiller9 timer siden
  • What a complete fool

    Ryan CraigRyan Craig9 timer siden
  • Women have been getting pregnant and having kids in service ever since they were even allowed to serve and wouldn’t be unduly punished for having them. I don’t get what’s so belittling and embarrassing about getting maternity uniforms.

    Fukui HisokaFukui Hisoka10 timer siden
  • John Oliver is such a confident liar, it's quite impressive.

    Raygun9000Raygun900010 timer siden
  • U hate tucker cause he speeks the truth.

    Least TrendingLeast Trending10 timer siden
    • Found another racist

      JJJJ7 timer siden
  • Have you noticed how it's always THEM saying WE don't exist? 🤔

    The Moody JoozThe Moody Jooz10 timer siden
  • Both of you aren’t racist but only one of you is trying to “weaponize” it. You’ve changed a little mr Oliver.

    LoLFilmStudiosLoLFilmStudios10 timer siden
    • noworld.info/video/video/mobPjaeuo6XQt7s.html

      JJJJ7 timer siden
  • Yes maternity flight suits. After that maybe we can fix the shitty M4A1s 4th Brigade had. Oh wait they are shut down again.

    Ed HutchinsonEd Hutchinson10 timer siden
  • Tugs tucker box is not right in the head.

    aisha mccrawaisha mccraw10 timer siden
  • I'm not a fan of Tucker Carlson at all, but watching this, I can't help but see that many of the things Oliver criticizes Carlson for are things he does himself. Both are taken far more seriously than they deserve to be.

    Gregory BronsonGregory Bronson11 timer siden
  • Isn't satire suppose to be funny?!... I'd tell you to stick to comedy but you weren't very funnynto begin with. A few broken windows pales in comparison to cities on fire. Apples an oranges Ollie.

    C21, The Vinc GroupC21, The Vinc Group11 timer siden
    • @David conway one day of broken windows and harsh words do not equal 6 months of fire's, shootings, looting, harassment and physically attacking innocent bystanders. Wouldn't you agree?

      C21, The Vinc GroupC21, The Vinc Group2 timer siden
    • dead and wounded cops. Death threats to the Vice President and members of congress. Lets not sugarcoat it.

      David conwayDavid conway3 timer siden
  • More than anything else about Covid, the thing that it's highlighted most for me is how much U.S comedians rely on canned laughter.

    AzethetAzethet11 timer siden
  • I’m so tired of liberals saying everything is white supremacy can’t tucker just be a fukn asshole like my god the dead horse has been beat to death so much its soul is dead

    Cody sheltonCody shelton11 timer siden
  • Tucker is dangerous to American civilization.

    nerdswag206nerdswag20612 timer siden
  • A lot of writing went into those insults

    True NordTrue Nord12 timer siden
  • Add hominems and strawmans are not valid arguments against Tucker. I was expecting something better from you, John. Naive me

    wacawaca3wacawaca312 timer siden
  • I love this guy

    Ali RezaAli Reza12 timer siden
  • John Oliver is racist and no idea this is true.

    WisemuseWisemuse13 timer siden
  • I can't stand John Oliver to find his definition of white nationalism so if anyone wants to share what it is why it's bad i'd like to listen.

  • Excellent!

    N DomingoN Domingo13 timer siden
  • He does my head in as well 🙄😨😰🤬👺

    kel nkel n14 timer siden
  • Love this series but I think this probably somewhat is just hating/roasting on Tucker for being conservative

    Trigon ShadowTrigon Shadow14 timer siden
    • You can be a conservative but not spew nativist talking points. But what tucker is saying is not far off what nativist groups have been saying in the past in the United States. You can look at basically any immigrant group (Irish, Italians, Jews, Muslims) coming to the U.S and find this same backlash and hate that tucker is similarly and quietly pushing, the one common denominator of all of these nativist groups is their just afraid of everyone around them not being Anglo Saxon . It’s sad that being a conservative nowadays assumes that ur afraid of no longer being a majority or plurality in this country. Can’t just be small government now

      Alex SimmonsAlex Simmons13 timer siden
  • Tucker is one of the few people that still makes sense in the MSM today.

    Jason AndersonJason Anderson14 timer siden
    • ​@Jason Anderson good on you, I don't understand an admiration for tucker he just uses strawman arguments and is willfully ignorant. To my pleasant surprise I was wrong in my original comment. Have a good one.

      AaronInWalmartAaronInWalmart13 timer siden
    • Actually I watch a lot if not almost all of John Oliver's videos. I find he helps me understand where people who I disagree with are coming from rather than just seeing them all as the enemy. He has even changed my mind on some things and he's actually pretty funny unlike many in this space.

      Jason AndersonJason Anderson13 timer siden
    • you didn't come to this video to watch it you just wanted to defend Tucker "dickless" Carlson

      AaronInWalmartAaronInWalmart13 timer siden
  • Post this in every Tuckkker KKkarlson thread lol.

    Cr HuCr Hu15 timer siden
  • Britney chewing gun DURING the interview was actually peak Tucker AND peak Britney AND peak 2003. Since it was not talking about Iraq, right...we all know there's no need to talk any more about Iraq.

    Cr HuCr Hu15 timer siden
  • "You with the skin and the face... We got a spare career sitting around.". Exactly

    Cr HuCr Hu15 timer siden
  • "doing groundbreaking shows like 'cuckolding'...FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME".

    Cr HuCr Hu15 timer siden
  • #Derek_Black nails it, it's #Tuckkker.

    Cr HuCr Hu15 timer siden
  • "Befuddled face of a 13th century farmer learning about Bitcoin "🤣🤣🤣🤘🤣

    Cr HuCr Hu15 timer siden
  • #Tuckkker

    Cr HuCr Hu15 timer siden
  • "Performatively outraged wedge salad"🤣🤣. #POWS

    Cr HuCr Hu15 timer siden
  • it is that Dog Learning Algebra look isn't it? he's got that one down!

    Obadiah Von DeathObadiah Von Death15 timer siden
  • All minorities and alians should pay close attention to everything Tucker says he is the Dangerous White Enemy (DWE) with a dangerous White message for dangerous White People with dangerous antisocial and antidemocratic agendas. The Klan at Prime Time!

    John W. NelsonJohn W. Nelson16 timer siden
  • Grossly misrepresented comments, negative framing, obvious bias, and disregard of evidence to the contrary of your points.... I used to love this show, but it has drastically gone down hill over the last year or so... I am honestly disappointed.

    Josh KovacevichJosh Kovacevich16 timer siden
  • Wow, 37.165 Tucker-Fans watch this show until today...

    Do TDo T16 timer siden
  • Who listens to John Oliver

    Ethen EinspennerEthen Einspenner16 timer siden
  • I'm so sick of these weak men like John Oliver and Jimmy Kimmel just towing the lefty woke line. It's not funny. Grow some balls. I know John Oliver used to be capable of being funny, I watched Community.

    Andrew BakerAndrew Baker16 timer siden
  • He basically attacked and ridiculed, never propose a rational argument among the silly punch lines.

    Férnan CVFérnan CV16 timer siden
  • I hate Tucker Carlson so much I can't even watch this episode.

    Mary AnnMary Ann16 timer siden
  • “Making the befuddled face of a 13th century farmer learning about bit coin.” HaHa! LOVE IT!

    Linda NoelLinda Noel17 timer siden
  • Fuck you NOworld.

    S G NS G N17 timer siden
  • Can we get another Tucker episode now?

    Kenny RussellKenny Russell17 timer siden
  • You have admiration of all the anti-white racists, and the rest of the wokeland, so how that spares you from the comparison of Tucker being watched by some white racists? Tucker makes good points even in the segments where you try to ridicule him, but like that matters for this echo-chamber. I'm not going to lie, I'm glad that America is going downhill fast, but hypocrites like yourself disgust me.

    Khorne FlakeKhorne Flake17 timer siden
  • News in America is weird. I've seen both Fox News and left leaning outlets like MSNBC and all outlets generally seem to present these video essays with their personal interpretation of facts rather than the facts themselves. Where I live, biased media does exist but that bias is only evident when they conduct panel discussions or debates. Otherwise when they report everyday events, they just state the facts and comments made by people involved in the event in question and move on. All this rambling that accompanies every segment is really weird. How is that even journalism? I mean in a clip used in this episode, Tucker goes on a rant about how all BLM protesters are just jobless looters who like to damage America's infrastructure. Now even if that weirdly specific claim is absolutely true, there's simply no way that he actually performed background checks on each and every BLM activist-----so why would he report his personal opinions on these people like facts? Isn't journalism supposed to be about reporting the actual, verifiable information and keeping your opinions out of it?

    Scarlett O'HaraScarlett O'Hara18 timer siden
  • John Oliver I challenge you to do a video investigating the strange correlation between all late night host “comedy” shows and why they’re not funny anymore

    R CR C18 timer siden
  • I have two problems with this: 1° While being in general agreement with the points the show is trying to make, I think it is quite inefficient at doing it. Taking some quote of someone which is not shocking and say "but perhaps he meant something else" is not very efficient, nor even ethical when it is taking things out of context. And spending two minutes insisting Carlson is white is not interesting neither. In this case there is so much more to say about his opinions and positions, which are amost only ridiculous. 2° It is not very funny... Perhaps I am getting used to the show, or it is the general covid shutdown affecting it, but it felt funnier a few years ago. I think Oliver may have lost some subtlety?

    saccaronsaccaron18 timer siden
  • I don't understand, is this is a comedian show?

    Ofer BenjaminOfer Benjamin18 timer siden
  • John seem jealous. I don’t watch fox but I think I’ll check out Tuckers show seem like a interesting guy. If he is racist, I won’t support he’s platform by watching.

    Scott LanterScott Lanter18 timer siden
  • John Oliver became such a virtue signalling knob, it's honestly hard to believe he's even being genuine in his show. What have you really done, John?

    David FutschikDavid Futschik18 timer siden
  • Weak episode John Oliver I thought you would have presented a more convincing argument. You failed just like John Stewert LOL!

    keikokeiko18 timer siden
  • Like the tan Tucker Carlson. From a black woman 😇🥰😰🙊🙉

    kel nkel n19 timer siden
  • I wish that I could agree wholeheartedly with John Oliver. I really do. But the targeting of white males real and visible. My employer is currently holding 6 hours of training sessions on implicit bias (which is real) and implies that this means systemic racism (which is debatable). Training on inclusion based on the Ontario Human Right code which explicitly states no discrimination based on creed, colour,...manages to unabashedly have a chapter on "white privilege". There are again job postings where it is explicitly stated that 40% of short listed candidates will come from all the groups that aren't white male. Smarter people than myself have asked whether systemic racism and anti-black bias is real and come to the conclusion that it's not and largely in favour of a cultural explanation: Coleman Hughes, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson. Remember the Lord's prayer which was dropped from the school system because secularism was a fundamental value of multiculturalism? No religion or culture will be above another? Well it's now replaced by a beating drum and an animal spirit prayer and a romantic tribute to First Nations. Inclusion good; replacement bad. So long as the woke keep firing at white people,...debatably without actual basis, then Tucker Carlson's grain of truth will be appealing and the reaction to John Oliver will be "yeah,...but".

    TruthSeeker OdinsonTruthSeeker Odinson19 timer siden
  • So much better without the laughing audiance.

    Muzi TshabalalaMuzi Tshabalala19 timer siden
  • Its gotten so much worse since this video came out

    anand bossanand boss20 timer siden
  • Suggesting that women can't be men and vice versa is not transphobic.

    Rob CRob C20 timer siden
    • @Diarmuid Daly explain how I attacked anyone? If you don’t understand the issues and legitimate concerns that your blasé acceptance dismisses then who exactly is being the prick?

      Rob CRob C10 timer siden
    • @Rob C You are the only one attacking anyone. It’s not complex. Just let people live how they want and don’t be a prick.

      Diarmuid DalyDiarmuid Daly10 timer siden
    • @Diarmuid Daly what’s sad is that you attack what you don’t understand.

      Rob CRob C13 timer siden
    • @Rob C You are not accepting them as who they want to be. That is transphobia. Let people be who they want. It has literally zero effect on your life. You must have no empathy. Sad.

      Diarmuid DalyDiarmuid Daly15 timer siden
    • ​@Diarmuid Daly transphobia is defined as dislike of or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people. The key here being a negative inference against trans people. Just because some won't accept that women can become men does not mean a dislike or prejudice of said person, it is simply not indulging their opinion, feelings or delusion.

      Rob CRob C16 timer siden
  • Heritage? Who would want to preserve a historic heritage that contains both slavery and genocide?

    tk9780tk978020 timer siden
  • I used to be a fan of John Oliver, now it's evident he's nothing more than a mouthpiece and a puppet. Sad.

    sean3223asean3223a20 timer siden
  • It sickens me that Tucker, as the nearest thing to a neo-nazi gateway drug and KKK spokesman, is completely entitled to dream of being VP. Whereas John Oliver can never run against him, being an immigrant. I know which I'd rather see holding the reins of power in the US, and it's not Tucker. I'm so glad that I got to see the video of Jon Stewart tearing Tucker to shreds on Crossfire... that should have been enough to send anyone shamefully slinking into the shadows forever. But if this has been Tucker's real agenda and motivation all along ... maybe that's why he has persisted, why he has been backed and supported to continue, why he has become even more open, despite being called out. I've got a feeling there are a lot of taped phone calls being sat on by the NSA, FBI, etc that would aid in clearing house and ridding the US of the white supremacists perpetuating this narrative from positions of power. What if you could convince Jon Stewart to run against Tucker? O.O I would pay to see that.

    Steele GriffithsSteele Griffiths20 timer siden
  • Jeez John Oliver has really declined in the last 2 years....

    giulio maglianogiulio magliano20 timer siden
  • I thought tucker carlson was just a paradise PD character

    Slippery PickleSlippery Pickle20 timer siden
  • Please do a show on the Fairness Doctrine....I'm tired of being gaslight/gaslit by @FoxNews and @newsmax their lies are immoral n unethical......therefore they should be illegal.....just get the conversion started, we`ll do the rest.

    Langalibalele MtimkuluLangalibalele Mtimkulu21 time siden
  • I can't get enough of John's insults

    21 time siden
  • Tucker can literally just make shit up and his braindead sister smoochers will buy it.

    Ja'Quandre JonesJa'Quandre Jones21 time siden
  • Their is freedom justice of Christ Jesus. You don’t have to work on flesh. Flesh workers: stress, harden.

    Abide with Jesus Christ Word, Depart from Evil.Abide with Jesus Christ Word, Depart from Evil.21 time siden
  • A true believer of Christ Jesus: a man will not care of the things how nice his house look, but gratefully thanks in spirit to all mighty Jesus Christ.

    Abide with Jesus Christ Word, Depart from Evil.Abide with Jesus Christ Word, Depart from Evil.21 time siden
  • Your a wormy little troll, so glad you left the UK, we (Brits) never liked you

    Dead to RiotDead to Riot21 time siden
  • The remarks indeed were about women in the military. However, they were in no way negative towards women in the military. Anyone can watch it and make their own decision instead of that which John espouses for corporate America. I used to like and watch John a lot until I recognised the CIA propaganda methods of giving 80-90% truth to gain trust for the lies intermingled. This has been perfected by the Crown (MI6/CIA) over hundreds of years.

    David BriggsDavid Briggs21 time siden